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Maybelline at London Fashion Week

Every year London Fashion Week takes over the capital. For Maybelline, it’s the place to be to engage with their fashion-savvy audience. However, with other brands competing fiercely for the attention of the same audience, how do Maybelline stand out from the crowd?

We gave style-conscious attendees the opportunity to be part of London Fashion Week by showing off the latest looks to everyone on their social media. Our team of professional makeup artists helped them perfect their perfect selfies, while our ‘Flaunt the flutter’ marble photo booth encouraged consumers to experiment with Maybelline’s new mascara and share the eye-catching results. On-site support from our POD fashionistas helped drive the use of the booth and educated consumers on the beauty range. 

Maybelline staff engaging with customers
Maybelline working with customer
Maybelline pop up store
Maybelline make up event

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